About Me

Life is an ultimate race against time
A person who values peace, progress, success and happiness. Yeah, that's me. I usually go about life with a hugely serious mindset willing to sneak in some fun at times.

There is some confession to be made. This blog was started keeping in view of various people who have had strange, humorous, harsh, amazing and indifferent experiences, but are not able to relate it to their lives. All these years, I imagined myself to be living a unique life. But I've also realized people need to see themselves portrayed and understood, giving them hope and joy. So, I decided, hey! why not let my creative juices flow and let the readers enjoy their own experiences with a different flavour.

 So, here I present to you - Rhythm of the soul - a blog, composing mainly of poems that reflect the world now and then.

One request to all the readers would be to feel free to post any "clean" but honest opinions about the poems they've read, their feelings and are also welcome to share similar experiences.

Once again, I thank all my readers for taking their precious time out to read this blog.

Happy reading!

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