Sunday, 20 April 2014

You have been here before.

And all of a sudden, the situation becomes a crisis. For the course of actions that you have taken. For the course of actions that you had not taken. It becomes a nightmare.

And what makes it even worse? You call at least five people on the phone. And none of them responds. One person at work, one at a wedding, two dont respond. The last person doesnt even realize the low-demoralizing frequency that you are vibrating with.

Such negativity. Such loud regrets.

All what you had stood for now looks comical, even non-existent. You feel trapped only seeing enclosing walls, barren lands in sight. Not a human in sight. You begin to feel poetic. You begin to feel prophetic. You might even write self-pitying stuff like this.

Your heart beats insanely. You cannot feel numbness. You cannot even begin to feel anger. You just stand there, every fiber shivering at the thought of the result. Hope is all but drained. 

Do you see God there? Are you now feeling His workings? Is this His miracle, his way of your realization? Or are you reaching out to Him because all is lost??

All is not lost. Not yet. You are not alone. 
Hope is God. God is your Hope.

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