Saturday, 22 December 2012

After a long time

That's how I'd put it. In my last few posts, I would have written that I felt this, I was reminded of this, etc etc. But how do you put that phrase? Ah yes, the in rush of the nostalgic memories. I really felt it violently assailing my head as I stood and prayed in the family temple which I used to regularly go from my more innocent days. Here's my another hopefully-good attempt at poetry about it.

Enter and behold
the sanctity and power of Thy presence
I look around and feel the hopes
and prayers pouring
from devout Hindus near and far from Thee.
Sparkling and bedecked in jewels,
dazzling in splendor of the glowing lamps of oil,
Thy form leaves me in awe
gasping for words, struggling for breath
as I enter, with hands together
and bowed head, Thank you.
For everything Thy blessed me with.

Waves of nostalgia try to sweep me
away from my pleas for forgiveness.

Taken from Google Images
One mischevous eyelid now open, I glance around.
So innocent were the yester years,
so playful was my former self
hoping to find the girl of my dreams here,
hoping to get a glimpse of Thee during crowded festivals,
hoping to always be in Thy good books.
Why did I change? I ask Thee.
I dont hear Thy voice
in my innermost conscience. Sigh.

All my successes are credited to Thee.
Mistake alone is mine,
when my action is bereft of the thought of Thee.
And that will be the day of my downfall.
Nay, I humbly prostrate
renouncing my possesions here and now.
I leave the temple with a lighter heart
asking for pardon.
Living in your shadow, Thy will, I pray,
take me soon with you,
to the higher regions of glory and silence.
And I will wait for Thee forever,
with bowed head and folded arms.

Come what may. Festivals, calamities, celebrations. mishaps. His blessings are the sole gifts that we need. Rest is secondary and immaterial. Once we are in His line of sight, we can have a sigh of relief. Because these days, that's what matters. Faith. I wish all my readers a very happy, prosperous, healthy, wealthy and a peaceful New Year 2013.

This is also a poem for the Prompt inspire by dVersePoets : The Poetics of Presents

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Karma is a bitch -2

This story's first part can be found right here

Six nights later.

Jeff switched the channels on the T.V. with no particular interest. He was getting married tomorrow. Everything was taken care of by his buddies. Harry had managed to stay sober throughout the preparations, which was an achievement, for he seldom stayed sober when he was on a drinking spree. Pollock and the rest took care of inviting the families and the guests. Neal made sure Jeff wasn’t involved in the process. Darlings, he thought fondly.

But one thing still nagged him. Kay.

He never saw her again in the bar. Jeff often found himself with a beer every night at the Anstruthers, hoping to find her, staring lustfully at him, teasing him. His manhood often stirred at the  very thought.

Jeff couldn’t stop thinking about her. She haunted him in his dreams, often waking Jeff up, sweating and alarmed. He remained puzzled as to why he wanted to give his address on that day. It was as if he was told to give it by himself.

The clock struck 9. Jeff was bored. He switched the T.V. off and decided to retire for the night. He changed into his nightclothes and was just about to climb on his bed when he heard a knock on his door.

“Neal”, muttered Jeff, “probably wanting to check if I’m alright.”

He staggered back surprised when he saw who it was. Kay.

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