Saturday, 18 July 2015


After eleven months, I had a reason to write.
From of course, deep within...

With her every word, I longed
for the purity she possessed...
With her every breath, I hoped
for mine to breathe the same air...
With her every smile, I sighed
with no words to describe...that experience..
With her every look, I dreamt
with despair, all the past moments...

Was it not ordained
that I should be by her side?
To provide care and smiles countless,
for those regal eyes to shine
But was it also written
that I would forever be confused?
As a smiling warrior
beside her? Or behind her?

Why shall you crush
the very moments we cherished?
With a simple word or two
twisting the grace, now perished
Why do you make me weep
longing for your presence?
With texts and talks of long past
teasingly peppered with love..Or sisterly essence?

Awaiting the day you break your silence
and acknowledge my love for you
which is only just, pure and full of bliss
to see you joyous and smiling, refreshingly new
But will I be kept waiting
for an eternity to embrace you,
as my heart tears away, tick by tick
without your presence, in body and in mind?
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