Monday, 16 July 2012

My dear mummy

I found myself often asking my friends and acquaintances:
"I guess you dont want to go back to college. You will miss your mom na?"

This poem will be the first Rhythmspeak of the blog, dedicated to all my fellow hostellers leaving home for their college lives. How many of them would've thought deeply about their lives, about their parents and how they are growing old? This poem (whose first para was a status update on FB exactly 2 months before this poem's release date) will definitely open some thoughts.

Twas worth all the fuss you made
after all the exams I wrote,

whatever cometh the result,
you will still love me
and I'm coming home to you.
Now I get down to watch your face

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

One wrong turn

What happens when two friends take a turn in the opposite direction of the road to their destination?
This article is dedicated to my best, ever smart buddy who will remain unnamed throughout this article. He told me that being open to change and ideas would help anyone in the long run. Perhaps that may be why this post will be my casual, slightly lame and even horrible. But I’ve decided to bare it all when our trip became filled with bizarre and funny-for-us-both events that illuminated the otherwise cloudy skies of Chennai on Monday, July 8th. I solemnly swear that the following are the truth, the sole truth and nothing but the truth!

My best friend (let’s name him S) and I lunched at a restaurant famous for lavish veggie buffets. We spent the time “lame out-talking” each other. There was one problem though. 

Whenever he or I reached the punch line of our jokes, the waiter would come and fill the glass of water we barely finished. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Dilemma

Two reasons for the above title.
1. Wasted a lot of time. And came crashing to earth in many aspects.
2. Never able to rhyme a single poem till now.
I guess there is a beginning for everything. In my case, this poem!

All day long, I stayed put and lazy
pondering my future, all bleak and hazy.
"Time will soon run", so said my dad.
Despite the fun, Oh, now I feel bad.
Taken from google images
Hands on my face, "Why was I like this?"
Fighting my case thinking
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