Thursday, 21 February 2013


I must say I am very busy with my 6th semester at the University taking a toll on many students with Record Submissions, extra curricular activities and what not. But I must say, writing certainly is the most sanest way of communicating with yourself. Nobody is going to whisper among themselves, " Gee, why is he talking to himself?"

So here I am, after a long gap, to fill in my readers with a poem I had written a year ago. Intense emotions of a kind swept me through and all I saw around me was darkness. I still recall that night, pen trembling at 1 15 am, sitting in another room letting my ink flow instead of tears.....

"Pain", I cry out
desperate and loud,
to escape 
the 5' 8" bodily torture,
enclosing forlorn thoughts, silent suffering
and predominantly
the humongous live being called pain
thriving upon my life
malnourishing and robbing it
of its color, joy and splendor.

"I'm in my own world."
Or so they say.
Little do they know that
I'm sharing that very world with Pain
who seeped through my limbs like
some unsavory invisibly matter.
"Ouch"- It bites nowadays
if not, hurts stronger.
Festive days and happy faces all around.
Is my life purpose over? 
Surely they wont leave me out, 
ditch me and forget me 
during and after that.
Surely not.

One turned neck, one question of concern,
one wave of sympathy.
Is hoping for this, all in vain?
Bordering on a fine line parting
self pity and selflessness,
I wonder,
Does no one want even help?
A fake smile, an air of pretended greatness
consciously ignoring the down slide of this birth. 
Enough of this melodrama!

Far away, near the gates of the netherworld,
I can spot the connoisseur of Death
and Death himself,
with comforting arms wide open.
Let me sink and fade away
into insignificance,
into the sleep which offers none a second chance,
into His permanent embrace
where I'll lie content eternally.
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