Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Friendship Theorem

I might be the only person to literally 'limit' the concept of friendship to a theorem. But I had great fun while I was at it, thinking about the various nuances that influenced this phenomenon.

Wishing you all a Happy Friendship Day, I leave you all with my own work - The Friendship Theorm. 

Consider any two human beings HB1 and HB2 who are at a cosmic distance R from each other.
Assumption1: They are friends. 
Assumption2: Nothing comes between them to hurt this friendship

Let us call their friendship as F.
From experience,
we have F = (Ka + Si + BS) x R....................(0)

where Ka is the Karma that bonded HB1 and HB2 for many previous births.
Si is the Situation that led them to become friends
and BS is the Bond Strength that makes the friendship firm.

We know that F encompasses many terms like Generosity (G), Great Times(GT), etc etc which can be encompassed (from the common region in a Venn Diagram) in a single term namely Happiness(H) that is derived out of a friendship.

Therefore, if true friendships evolve as a result of Happiness, we can say that
 F  (directly proportional to)  H...........(1)

Friendship also is greatly influenced by Time(T). The greater is the time, the stronger is the friendship (From assumption 2)
F (directly proportional to ) T...............(2)

From (1) and (2),
 F = E x H x T

where E is the constant used to create the equation, called Eternity.

But we all know that eternity always lasts long. It is never-ending and extends deep into infinity that

lim (x -> infinity)  E = Infinity

Now, if true friendship contains happiness, then Happiness when lasts long for an eternity can be combined to form Eternal Happiness (EH) which much also tend to and eventually becomes infinity.

This when multiplied with time also becomes infinity, hence making the equation

F = Infinity

Hence, I state my theorem as follows:

The existence of true friendship is independent of the distance between them, independent of the physical and the mental conditions of the humans as ordained by Karma ends in eternal happiness for both of them.
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