Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Its more than a year.
This one is just plain, not something crafted.
My reading (and hence writing) skills have gone down
But she must be out of this world, to make me revisit my blog after a year, to pen this one!

Whether she actually is a figment of my imagination to be "out of this world" literally or not IS for you to figure from the below:

Stylish, with her, is such an understatement.
Eliciting "oohs" and "aahs" and gaze with excitement
from onlookers inside and even the pavements.
Will she or wont she, I ask myself
come forward, for a word or two, not for kicks or amazement?

Her thoughts, her curves and her actions, all accentuated
a sight for my eyes my pupils dilated, heartbeat elevated
Among her peers and mentors, she stands tall and celebrated
Will she or wont she, I ask myself
come over to my spot to draw my interest, or leave me deserted?

Her talents amaze me, but so does her nature
so nonchalant, that I question the reality my future
with her by my side to succeed with increasing pomp and stature
Will she or wont she, I ask myself
keep me in her thoughts, a definite prospect or a fleeting stranger?

To take a step forward would be fatal
to throw it to chance would make it fateful
I stand afar and ponder, as she toys me unknowingly playful
Will she or wont she, I ask myself
ever get piqued and find me, to her YES!, eternally grateful?
(or flatly unheed the subtle signs, etching a mark so painful)

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