Sunday, 9 September 2018

Of Time and Friendship

Welcome any rough phase in your life with open arms.That's when you truly figure out your genuine friends!

They are the ones who respond to your messages, lift your calls, repay the money you are owed and empathise with you every moment of your struggle.

The rest are probably the ones who kept you company when you were knee deep in wealth and bliss. They find it convenient to look the other way, acknowledging you only for what you have and not who you are.

Life, in that sense, is a fickle beauty but a great teacher and leveller! Embrace the reality and rise above the illusion.

- Aravind Ravi Sankar

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Its more than a year.
This one is just plain, not something crafted.
My reading (and hence writing) skills have gone down
But she must be out of this world, to make me revisit my blog after a year, to pen this one!

Whether she actually is a figment of my imagination to be "out of this world" literally or not IS for you to figure from the below:

Stylish, with her, is such an understatement.
Eliciting "oohs" and "aahs" and gaze with excitement
from onlookers inside and even the pavements.
Will she or wont she, I ask myself
come forward, for a word or two, not for kicks or amazement?

Her thoughts, her curves and her actions, all accentuated
a sight for my eyes my pupils dilated, heartbeat elevated
Among her peers and mentors, she stands tall and celebrated
Will she or wont she, I ask myself
come over to my spot to draw my interest, or leave me deserted?

Her talents amaze me, but so does her nature
so nonchalant, that I question the reality my future
with her by my side to succeed with increasing pomp and stature
Will she or wont she, I ask myself
keep me in her thoughts, a definite prospect or a fleeting stranger?

To take a step forward would be fatal
to throw it to chance would make it fateful
I stand afar and ponder, as she toys me unknowingly playful
Will she or wont she, I ask myself
ever get piqued and find me, to her YES!, eternally grateful?
(or flatly unheed the subtle signs, etching a mark so painful)

Saturday, 18 July 2015


After eleven months, I had a reason to write.
From of course, deep within...

With her every word, I longed
for the purity she possessed...
With her every breath, I hoped
for mine to breathe the same air...
With her every smile, I sighed
with no words to describe...that experience..
With her every look, I dreamt
with despair, all the past moments...

Was it not ordained
that I should be by her side?
To provide care and smiles countless,
for those regal eyes to shine
But was it also written
that I would forever be confused?
As a smiling warrior
beside her? Or behind her?

Why shall you crush
the very moments we cherished?
With a simple word or two
twisting the grace, now perished
Why do you make me weep
longing for your presence?
With texts and talks of long past
teasingly peppered with love..Or sisterly essence?

Awaiting the day you break your silence
and acknowledge my love for you
which is only just, pure and full of bliss
to see you joyous and smiling, refreshingly new
But will I be kept waiting
for an eternity to embrace you,
as my heart tears away, tick by tick
without your presence, in body and in mind?

Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Friendship Theorem

I might be the only person to literally 'limit' the concept of friendship to a theorem. But I had great fun while I was at it, thinking about the various nuances that influenced this phenomenon.

Wishing you all a Happy Friendship Day, I leave you all with my own work - The Friendship Theorm. 

Consider any two human beings HB1 and HB2 who are at a cosmic distance R from each other.
Assumption1: They are friends. 
Assumption2: Nothing comes between them to hurt this friendship

Let us call their friendship as F.
From experience,
we have F = (Ka + Si + BS) x R....................(0)

where Ka is the Karma that bonded HB1 and HB2 for many previous births.
Si is the Situation that led them to become friends
and BS is the Bond Strength that makes the friendship firm.

We know that F encompasses many terms like Generosity (G), Great Times(GT), etc etc which can be encompassed (from the common region in a Venn Diagram) in a single term namely Happiness(H) that is derived out of a friendship.

Therefore, if true friendships evolve as a result of Happiness, we can say that
 F  (directly proportional to)  H...........(1)

Friendship also is greatly influenced by Time(T). The greater is the time, the stronger is the friendship (From assumption 2)
F (directly proportional to ) T...............(2)

From (1) and (2),
 F = E x H x T

where E is the constant used to create the equation, called Eternity.

But we all know that eternity always lasts long. It is never-ending and extends deep into infinity that

lim (x -> infinity)  E = Infinity

Now, if true friendship contains happiness, then Happiness when lasts long for an eternity can be combined to form Eternal Happiness (EH) which much also tend to and eventually becomes infinity.

This when multiplied with time also becomes infinity, hence making the equation

F = Infinity

Hence, I state my theorem as follows:

The existence of true friendship is independent of the distance between them, independent of the physical and the mental conditions of the humans as ordained by Karma ends in eternal happiness for both of them.

Friday, 13 June 2014

The FRILP ONE Experience

Had an experience recently that was worth putting words in the form of a poem. Hope I did justice! (not to the English language though, I mixed a lot of things in this!!)

By a stroke of luck, aided by fate,
thirty-seven people came together on a date
fixed by dedicated hours of time and effort
on recommendations people could see, read and afford.
Twas a lust for the goodies up for grabs
my oh my, vouchers, tickets and yes please, Ipads!
In search of these, we went, but instead won
the hearts of the team that created Frilp One.

The welcome was royal, even in the wildest dreams
we hadn’t seen ourselves receiving invites with screams.
Kuduthaanga oru T-shirt and 2 rides with Uber.
Ellame awesome, kickass and super-oh soober!!
Entered like celebs we did, photos and poses.
Slowly took it all in, in cautious unbelievable doses.
The efforts paid off, tis surely a dream run
for all of us, who were crowned each, a Frilp One.

In our midst we had home-makers, celebs and kids
in all the selfies, games and dance numbers to musical hits.
Men and women all age groups mingled, so carefree
twas worth it and more, celebrated with pomp and glee.
We conversed. We played. We danced. We dined.
Our hosts, the FRILP team, were lavishing and kind.
Young we felt as the evening wore on, complete with fun.
We announced unspoken each, “I am a Frilp One”

Dinner was a gabby affair, exchanging smiles and stories
still getting to know one another, their jokes and glories.
Time had swiftly passed, so much fun we never knew,
We departed, unwillingly, with vouchers brand new.
Thus, we created memories and made many a friend
We even demanded another meet, to make this a trend
that all of us could treasure, when all is well and truly done
the feeling and the experience of being a Frilp One.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Unbridled Determination

Petty issues find their way back to you, like lost kittens guided by a sense of karma.
They shoot, left and right, expecting retaliation of equal measure.
You clench your fists and pout your lips, ready for assault.
Then you understand these are merely distractions.
Whereas the main goals lie ahead.
Critics fade away.

Countless times you've deviated, to blow off steam gathered en-route to success.
The temporary stop turns into a prolonged indulging, blissful.
You regain control and look around, distraught.
Then you realize these, are also distractions.
The zenith is still a long way ahead.
Illusions fade away.

Frustrations mount, Rage surges as you frame the world, the scapegoat of your story.
The mistakes and misunderstandings etched too deep inside memories.
You scream loudly unheard, prayers and forgiveness forgotten.
Then you recall these are all but distractions.
The target within outstretched fingers.
People fade away.

The heights you have obtained dazzles, worth the effort while the past pales in comparison.
Sweet is the achievement, humbling is the experience. Questions arise, intrigued.
Where are those naysayers, illusions and mental blocks?
All of those were indeed distractions.
You stand tall, unconquered.
Desires fade away.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

You have been here before.

And all of a sudden, the situation becomes a crisis. For the course of actions that you have taken. For the course of actions that you had not taken. It becomes a nightmare.

And what makes it even worse? You call at least five people on the phone. And none of them responds. One person at work, one at a wedding, two dont respond. The last person doesnt even realize the low-demoralizing frequency that you are vibrating with.

Such negativity. Such loud regrets.

All what you had stood for now looks comical, even non-existent. You feel trapped only seeing enclosing walls, barren lands in sight. Not a human in sight. You begin to feel poetic. You begin to feel prophetic. You might even write self-pitying stuff like this.

Your heart beats insanely. You cannot feel numbness. You cannot even begin to feel anger. You just stand there, every fiber shivering at the thought of the result. Hope is all but drained. 

Do you see God there? Are you now feeling His workings? Is this His miracle, his way of your realization? Or are you reaching out to Him because all is lost??

All is not lost. Not yet. You are not alone. 
Hope is God. God is your Hope.

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