Saturday, 7 June 2014

Unbridled Determination

Petty issues find their way back to you, like lost kittens guided by a sense of karma.
They shoot, left and right, expecting retaliation of equal measure.
You clench your fists and pout your lips, ready for assault.
Then you understand these are merely distractions.
Whereas the main goals lie ahead.
Critics fade away.

Countless times you've deviated, to blow off steam gathered en-route to success.
The temporary stop turns into a prolonged indulging, blissful.
You regain control and look around, distraught.
Then you realize these, are also distractions.
The zenith is still a long way ahead.
Illusions fade away.

Frustrations mount, Rage surges as you frame the world, the scapegoat of your story.
The mistakes and misunderstandings etched too deep inside memories.
You scream loudly unheard, prayers and forgiveness forgotten.
Then you recall these are all but distractions.
The target within outstretched fingers.
People fade away.

The heights you have obtained dazzles, worth the effort while the past pales in comparison.
Sweet is the achievement, humbling is the experience. Questions arise, intrigued.
Where are those naysayers, illusions and mental blocks?
All of those were indeed distractions.
You stand tall, unconquered.
Desires fade away.

1 comment:

  1. Beautifully written! A thought that is so simple, yet so deep!
    PS: I missed reading ur articles!


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