Sunday, 13 October 2013


As usual, straight from my experiences. Only this time, I had 2 of them in 3 days. And here it goes.
The gifts lay untouched, the wishes remained unconveyed, stale.
The mind numb with shocked silence
Unable to comprehend and come to terms
With the sudden malignant growth
Of that ice block so hard
That even Time with his iron grip
Squeezed and melted only a droplet or two
Of that burdensome block of sorrow.
Such was the ice, so thick so harsh
That made the winters of Hell look realistically bearable.

The efforts went unnoticed, the heartfelt emotions stagnant.
The soul bereft of happy wavelengths
Searching in vain and find out
What wrong he had committed
In births of his distant past
To suffer a fate so disdainful
Where there was Hate returned in double measure
For the exchange of his earnest Love for all beings alike
From his tiny heart which once swelled with magnanimity
Now deflated with confusion and punctured with hurt.

If only his heart was ripped apart
And displayed for the cruel, unassuming world to see
They would witness aghast, with regret so deep
A love shaped purity kept alive, pumped by Universal Love
Flowing in his veins that pulsed innocence to the truly understanding.
Innocence that screamed helplessly
For the world to be forgiving, mutual and deep-rooted
In openness, sharing and selflessness, all but now extinct.
But alas, they played and plucked and toyed and clawed
At his heart, eroded excruciatingly by Pain immeasurable

He did wince once, a weak smile or two
When a voice of yore echoed the prophetic truth
That stood the test of Time:
“Who shall be blamed except your own self
For raising expectations? For, once the thread is broken,
There shall never be
A second time, let alone the intensity or the feeling”
He nodded humbly, embracing his own wisdom.
The preacher became the preached as the drops of sorrow
Dripped from that block of ice, Time’s iron clasp
Finally cleansing, trickle by trickle, the soul of his sins.
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