Tuesday, 1 January 2013

For a change

Actually, I typed up this for the prompt at DVersePoets called Change and Turns but I ended up missing it as the widget link for my entry expired just as I logged in.

This is for the first week of Open Link Night in 2013.

For a change,
let there be joy
in suburbs, countrysides and hamlets alike
in embracing life and growth
among all flora and fauna.

For a change,
let there prevail peace
without greed, hate and illness
for mutual existence and sustenance
of the human race and humanity.

For a change,
let there exist divinity
in all glory, success and adventure
in every being's actions
that contributes to brotherhood and joy.

For a change,
let there be hope,
(in this New Year 2013)
for a  new world from now
fit for the generations to come.  

I wish all of you, whichever part of this world you are, a very happy, prosperous, healthy, wealthy and a peaceful New Year 2013. Oh yes, I almost got the year wrong :)

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