Monday, 27 August 2012

The vices

Every time i talk to people about common sense, goodness and remaining pure, I always mention the 5 vices that affect the humanity around us. What are the 5 vices? This post will be the RHYTHMSPEAK of the August month and will explain them. I hope all my readers would benefit immensely from this. Wishing all of you the greetings of this season, here it goes.

Of what use is Anger
which rattles all men of honor and peace?
It is 'd' short of danger
destructs and devastates with ease.

Of what good is Greed
when empty-handed, souls arrive and depart?
Tis the sole cause for hierarchy and creed
wrenching humanity and morals apart.

Of what good is Lust
which fosters only jealousy and lies?
Control of senses and organs, a must
lest we perish in its vice.

Of what good is Attachment
a harsh predecessor of love and then sorrow?
Right from the womb to the tomb, tis a constant predicament
to those awaiting for the morrow.

Of what good is Ego
that cloud the intellect and reason of mind?
Better late than never to forgo
such vices, it may strike us blind.

Blind enough to embrace the madness 
of sin, blasphemy and many a lunacy.
Oh Lord, engulfed in illusion and sadness
we pray unto you, "Mercy, Mercy!"

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Absolutely Random

This is my first not-a-prior-prepared post. I still dont understand what came over me to write this.

 Every time wanted to pen my thoughts down, I got hooked on to some other work immediately. Why am I starting my post like this? Because I did not convert my thoughts into a writing for about 5 times in the last week or so!

One question that I, and probably all the writers/students/people, should ask themselves is this: "What are my priorities and in what order should I go about them?"

I realized that being skilled in many areas is a dangerous positive rather than a helpful one. Being a Jack of all trades comes along with the price of having no space to breathe. The reason simply being that you try to put your foot in all the places and finally toppling down due to lack of balance. 

That kept me thinking, was my passion really writing? Or did I want to flaunt my skills to satisfy my ego? 

The question still remains unanswered. And Im searching within myself.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Another walk in the city – II

This is the second installment of the article titled Another walk in the city I. To read it, click HERE

A familiar sight greeted me once I entered the departmental store. Packets and packets of Lays, Cheetos, Piknik, Maggi noodles, Milkybars and Milk Bikis were neatly arranged in different shelves. To be honest, my craze for these “evergreen” (not in the true sense of the word) (laughs!) snack items had long gone with my transition to a responsible 20 year old man of the family. However, I always invoke the old saying “Old habits die hard” to my defence, to satisfy my ever voracious appetite once in every 2 weeks. So no guilt attached there.
Where was I again? Ah, the departmental store.
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