Friday, 13 June 2014

The FRILP ONE Experience

Had an experience recently that was worth putting words in the form of a poem. Hope I did justice! (not to the English language though, I mixed a lot of things in this!!)

By a stroke of luck, aided by fate,
thirty-seven people came together on a date
fixed by dedicated hours of time and effort
on recommendations people could see, read and afford.
Twas a lust for the goodies up for grabs
my oh my, vouchers, tickets and yes please, Ipads!
In search of these, we went, but instead won
the hearts of the team that created Frilp One.

The welcome was royal, even in the wildest dreams
we hadn’t seen ourselves receiving invites with screams.
Kuduthaanga oru T-shirt and 2 rides with Uber.
Ellame awesome, kickass and super-oh soober!!
Entered like celebs we did, photos and poses.
Slowly took it all in, in cautious unbelievable doses.
The efforts paid off, tis surely a dream run
for all of us, who were crowned each, a Frilp One.

In our midst we had home-makers, celebs and kids
in all the selfies, games and dance numbers to musical hits.
Men and women all age groups mingled, so carefree
twas worth it and more, celebrated with pomp and glee.
We conversed. We played. We danced. We dined.
Our hosts, the FRILP team, were lavishing and kind.
Young we felt as the evening wore on, complete with fun.
We announced unspoken each, “I am a Frilp One”

Dinner was a gabby affair, exchanging smiles and stories
still getting to know one another, their jokes and glories.
Time had swiftly passed, so much fun we never knew,
We departed, unwillingly, with vouchers brand new.
Thus, we created memories and made many a friend
We even demanded another meet, to make this a trend
that all of us could treasure, when all is well and truly done
the feeling and the experience of being a Frilp One.

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  1. Good one Aravind !!! You got some skills :):)


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